Hello! I’m a creative who has worn a variety of different hats over the last 15 years since graduating from college. While in school my passion was initially in computer engineering until I took some design classes and fell in love with the creative world. After creating a moderately successful iPhone app and spending a couple of years with a few design agencies, my energy and excitement shifted entirely into mobile UI & UX. I found that I brought unique value to these startups due to the fact that I had the background of an engineer combined with the eye of the designer, which allowed me to design products within the scope of the technological and engineering team’s constraints. The tools I used on projects ranged from Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch for UI Design, Omnigraffle, Sketch and Invision for my UX wireframes & lastly tools like TestFlight for iterative early mobile testing.

Some of my various UI projects from the last 10 years.

Four years ago, I joined an online travel magazine as their UI designer to help in the very early stages of a social media app they had been working on. My ambitious creative goals went further beyond their app and 6 months later I began shooting & editing videos for their branded video department for brands like Lufthansa, Subaru, Visit Costa Rica and other various tourism boards. In addition to that, I began a YouTube channel where I show my audience the creative process behind shooting films & photography, and giving tutorials on different tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro & After Effects.

Work aside, I love traveling and have been super fortunate to travel to over 43 countries. I love learning about different cultures, trying different foods and exploring the diverse, beautiful landscapes of the world. I have also been getting into whiskey and am always down for a little sushi.