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After taking my first backpacking trip to Europe when I was 17 and experiencing an entirely new world of languages, history & culture I was enthralled.  Over the next 8 years I'd look for any cheap flight I could find or opportunity to go back that I could.  At the age of 26 I took my first international trip to a place that wasn't Europe, I went to Morocco.  I was overwhelmed and had one of the greatest culture shocks of my life.  Since then, I've made it my mission to continue to step out of my comfort zone realizing it's one of the best ways you can grow as a person.  I quit my 10 year career in graphic design & the startup world to continue to tell my own stories but also to help motivate others to try stepping outside of their comfort zones.  We live in an amazing time, with new budget airlines popping up everyday that's making travel more accessible to anyone.

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Popular Travel Series


Campaign with Tourism Indonesia

In this 4 part series I explore the great diversity of the country of Indonesia and the many languages, foods & cultures that that make it up.  Indonesia is easily one of my favorite countries, full of rich history & one the most visually stunning places I've ever been.

india rickshaw series

Campaign with Travel Scientists

In what might be one of the craziest ideas we've ever had, we set off on a 1200km Rickshaw adventure across the southern states of India.  In this 5 part series, my friends & I explore some of the most rural towns and villages and are taken back by the generosity of the Indian people.


Personal Series

I venture off to Japan in this 3 part series with my older brother Jeremy, who was the one who took me on my first international trip many years ago.  From the chaos of Tokyo to the serenity of becoming a monk for an evening in Mt. Koya-san we experienced it all.

creating content outside of the youtube world

Having a passion for filmmaking & photography my interest spans beyond my own personality driven stories & frequently there's a need from a Tourism Board, Brand or DMO to carry over the same cinematic aesthetic to producing high quality content for their social networks.  Wether it be a short video on your destination, lifestyle photography in beautiful destinations, or a small series highlighting food & activities.

one week exploring ubud, Bali

Campaign with Kamandalu Resort

For this project I worked with a stunning resort called Kamandalu in Ubud, where we showcased the variety of activities possible while enjoying your stay.

year in the life gopro

Spec. Advertisement

In this spec. ad for GoPro I showcase a variety of different countries and landscapes all shot 100% on GoPro. 


Over the years I've worked with a variety of brands, destination marketing organizations and tourism departments to in creating content for my YouTube channel.  Whether you're looking to create a short video utilizing your product, a series documenting your destination or full blown branded travel campaign, over the years I've worked on a variety of different projects.

looking for content for your channel?

Perhaps your project doesn't entail something that may end up on my YouTube channel.  Maybe you're a brand looking for some product photography & a short film for your own channels and website?  Maybe you've got a project in the works and are just looking for a filmmaker?

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